What is the BFF? Great question.

All i know is I have enjoyed soccer in Bethlehem since my youth as a GBSL'er getting

stung by yellow jackets while i was trying to get my post -game coca-cola! Stoners

games were awesome! There were along the way: huge wins at Liberty, crazy fun at

Lehigh summer leagues, unforgettable road trips with Bethlehem Soccer Club, and

incredible bonding with teammates at Moravian. Now with a 9 year old son playing the

beautiful game with a passion that reminds me, of well me. The great soccer memories

just continue. The coolest thing they all have in common is they ALL HAPPEN in BETHLEHEM!

I have always marveled at some of my deepest long-term friendships stemmed from the

game of soccer…and myself and 3 other guys who played together at Liberty

WAAAAAAAAY back in the day felt it was time to start taking this Bethlehem Soccer

thing to another level. What better time to do that then now as our very own Bethlehem

Steel FC get ready to start making more great Bethlehem soccer memories.

The site is in its infant stages. But its initial purpose is to gather and organize

information used to uplift the quality of soccer right here in the Christmas City. There are

lots of social media options, in addition to the site itself…so please use one or use them

all. The main idea here for now is to bridge local people together who all have a

common love for the beautiful game!

So please book mark us and see what we have in store next! We have already

developed nice relationships with the Bethlehem Steel FC and the East End Army

(Steel FC official rooting club) and they will be featured here shortly, where it goes is up

to you. If you have info, events, stories, pics…anything soccer-related…please share

and send it in and we'll get you some love somewhere within the Bethlehem Futbol Factory.