Steel FC Treats BTAA Kids to the Royal Treatment

Last Sunday's Bethlehem Steel FC game was especially fun for me. My son's youth soccer league (Bethlehem Township Athletic Association) was having their youth day with the team. In addition, to being able to run around and take pictures of the game, my boy was able to hang out with my folks in the stands, as well as his buddies from his youth team.

The BTAA was given a discount rate for the group, as well as, lots of bonus perks including the chance to: walk out on the field pre-game with the players, be a ball boy/girl, and play in a special kid game at halftime. The kids loved it and were running around all day with eyes open wide. It was really neat to see that as a fan of both organizations and soccer as whole. Not to mention how I enjoyed it as a father.

The Steel FC pulling out a 2-1 win on a PK late in the 2nd half was the cherry on top at the end making for a blissful day of soccer all-around.

BTAA President Brendan Donnelly said, "Every BTAA player and parent had a great time despite the cold weather. It’s great to have quality soccer so close to home." I couldn't agree more. Many parents got to see their first Steel FC game as well and the ones I talked to were glad they did. Those who know and understand the game are really starting to appreciate the fact that this is a real quality brand of soccer being played right here in the Lehigh Valley. The venue is beautiful. The players and staff are friendly. All we need now is the weather and it will be perfect! In the meantime, the Bethlehem Steel FC, is unbeaten in 5 games and that will fix a little cold/rain every time!

The pictures attached to this story are of the BTAA players in the locker room pre-game prior to walking-out with the players! Please enjoy all the pictures of the game and the kids in the BFF Gallery below!