Lehigh U Scores Big With Local Youth Camp!

As a parent its a yearly challenge putting together a game plan to keep the kids happy and occupied over the summer. Last year, I discovered for the first time, a youth soccer camp offered by Lehigh University. My 9 yr old son (at the time) went with a buddy of his and the reviews were outstanding. From a kid's standpoint, the organizers put together a seemingly perfect combination of fun drills and games that keep the kids moving and smiling all day long. I can confirm once we had the first day, the wife had no problem getting the boy up and motivated in the morning for the rest of the week. The highlight of each day seems to be a game called "world cup" where small same aged teams have a mini-tournament and battle it out on the field trying to win it all! All I kept hearing about was world cup. :)

Now, I actually had an interesting point of view for all this. As I was out of town fishing the entire week of the camp. I was of course getting reports via phone. However, I did not see the day-to-day improvement, I just saw the final product after the full week of camp. The first thing that struck me was how much more defined my son's legs were! This kid had done some serious exercise when I was gone, but then he showed me his dribbling skills and overall control of the ball and I was really blown away. It was almost as if he had a full 3 month season of improvement jammed into a single week. It was pretty remarkable to see in that way and I was thrilled with the investment. As a bonus last year the kids got a cool t-shirt and a nice Lehigh soccer ball as well. Needless to say, I highly recommend the camp and we are already signed-up to go back this year. For details and registration please visit: www.lehighsocceryouthcamps.com

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