I have said it before and i'll say it again. If you enjoy good soccer and you are in Bethlehem you need to get out to see this team. I was fortunate to catch the Hurricanes twice the last 2 weeks. They took out long-time EPC rival Emmaus 3-1 and then positively dismantled a decent Becahi team 11-2. They are a special combination of size, speed and skill with big ol' streak of pure Bethlehem Soccer heritage (coaches and players alike) mixed in. I'll make this short but sweet as i wanted to get this as a header on the website ASAP. Get your butts in the seats for Round 2 of Liberty vs Freedom on thursday 6.30PM at BASD stadium. It is the last regular season game before the conference playoffs. If you follow this site you know how good the first game between these two teams was. LHS is currently ranked 7th in the state here: http://www.pasoccercoaches.org/news/2016coachespolls.html -- a bit too low IMHO :) . The BFF will of course be covering the game too.

* officially liberty has "vacated" two of their wins due to an eligibility issue that eventually got approved -- but they played twice before it was resolved -- hope is that an appeal can restore the two wins --- more details to come