He's all in. I tried to keep my son diversified as possible for as long as possible when it came to his athletics. But in a 4-month span my 10 year old son decided he no longer wanted to "waste time" with baseball and basketball. He just wanted to play soccer. I had resisted this move 2 years ago when he first suggested it. But this time i knew it was a losing battle, he loves the game and i suppose in hindsight i wish i had been so decisive at his age. Time to shift gears. For the first time we were now playing soccer in the winter! Enter the Lou Ramos Center and the local home for winter soccer. What a cool facility. Back in my day we were bouncing between boys' clubs and the steel field basement just to get gym space in the winter. Now there are 2 turf fields and 3 Futsal courts just over the Allentown border at our disposal! So we have gone from zero soccer in the winter to being there 3 times a week and the boy can't get enough. So cool to see him develop and can't wait to see him hit the pitch in the spring. We are very fortunate to have such a top rate facility here locally. Please visit this link below to learn more if you have not made it over to the Lehigh Valley United Lou Ramos Center before! Its all there: leagues, schools, clinics or just training. This place is the key to taking it to the next level. I'm already having trouble remembering what we did in the winter before :)