The Bethlehem Futbol Factory is proud to announce a new program that offers soccer opportunities to Bethlehem youths at no cost to their families!

As many of you know I covered Middle School Soccer closer than ever before this past spring. One thing that became immediately apparent was the gap in skill level between club level kids and everyone else. There are some kids who were literally starting games who had never even played an organized soccer match before. Meanwhile others had been playing year round for upwards to 5 years. Hopefully that puts in perspective just how amazing a Broughal only losing 2-0 to a Nitschmann really is! As a parent now it really blows my mind that kids are starting organized sports in 7th grade and can be so far behind. Our “club” growing up was the park/schoolyard! Not anymore. A twelve year old is a twelve year old and often this uneven playing field is not for a lack of athleticism or passion on the parts of the kids. It’s usually just a lack of opportunity. While we can’t completely fix that here at BFF, right now we are trying to make a tiny dent and help create some new opportunities for motivated kids.

In our second year of this website we have gotten to know so many awesome local folks that are dedicated to this great sport. I had a feeling if I talked to the right people we might be able to get something very special started. I am happy to report I was correct. Lehigh University and Lehigh Valley United have donated a total of 3 weeks worth of summer camp tuition valued at over $650 to the BFF! Its just beyond cool and so very generous and I cannot thank them enough. It’s that sort of soccer leadership here in Bethlehem that makes me so glad we started this site. Personally I send my son to both these camps and I cannot recommend them enough. It’s really amazing to see what a week of proper training can do to improve a kid’s game.

Now one common theme I kept hearing as I covered the middle school scene this year is how well respected the Broughal team is. They are well coached (Matt Lyons) and always play hard. The BFF is happy to announce in this first year of the XTRA KIX 4 KIDZ program that all 3 of the donated camp experiences will be awarded to Broughal Middle school players! Coach Lyons is beyond excited and I can guarantee coach he is making sure these rewards are going to the most deserving of kids as I write. We are greatly looking to bringing you all updates throughout the summer of who received the camps and how they enjoyed them!

Moving forward this program has such exciting upside. I personally had very little time once the spring season ended to get this together once summer began. NEXT year we will start at the beginning of the calendar year and our goals will be much higher and hopefully include rewarding players from all the middle schools. But for now this is an awesome start.

Once again thanks so much for the support from Lehigh University and Lehigh Valley United. Both still have plenty of summer camp opportunities left if you are looking for a way to get more touches for your kids this summer.

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