Trevor Koski Gives Bethlehem 4 More Years!

We are excited here at Bethlehem Futbol Factory to announce a new feature called the “BFF Boys 2 Men”! This will be a special section of the website that will give a little extra love to Bethlehem high school stars who decide to keep their talents here in town and continue their college careers in Bethlehem!

Our first ever member of this special club is Trevor Koski. He just graduated Liberty and is heading to Lehigh University to play for his dad Coach Dean Koski. Not too shabby for our first entry, huh? Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away I did something like this going from Liberty class of 1991 to Moravian class of 1995 and I can confirm it is MUCH harder to pull off now then when I did it! That being said playing possibly the best soccer years of your life here in a city with such deep soccer roots is fuss worthy. BFF plans on keeping an extra special eye on the scholar athletes who pull this off and we look forward to the list growing over the years! #BFFboys2men

Earlier this summer I sat down with Trevor’s dad for a bit and asked him about coaching his son at the college level. He is certainly excited for obvious reasons I am sure on many levels it’s a dad’s dream come true. I know it would be for me. He was quick to point out though he worked very closely with his assistant coaches specifically Ryan Hess throughout the recruitment process of his son. In reality Trevor probably had a tougher road to making this years recruitment class than anyone as Coach Koski (like any great coach in this situation) wants to “err on the side of caution” when making any team decisions in reference to a family member. It clearly took an immense amount of work ESPECIALLY being the coach’s son and we are so excited to see where that takes him from here.

Coach Koski wanted to make it very clear that Trevor was a small part of a full recruitment class and his son will get zero special treatment (yikes!) But we here at BFF reserve the right to treat Trevor’s coverage a little differently since he is “repping the B” and we are stoked to get to see him play up close for 4 more years. So there will be some shameless bonus love to be sure! However to coach’s point Trevor will be joined by (along with many other freshmen) another semi-local (Northwestern Lehigh) product and Lehigh Valley United teammate John Blaine. John was the Morning Call Boys Soccer player of the year and you can learn more about him here

Rather impressive. No wonder coach Koski is excited! A big congrats to John as well and we’ll be keeping close tabs on his career too! It bears noting that Coach Dean has coached both Trevor and John at LVU for years and suffice to say has had a big hand in both players development and success. It really is a cool story. Yet it gets even cooler.

There is more one person I still need to talk about a bit. Getting to know both father and son a little more for this story revealed some really neat insight about Coach Dean’s oldest son (Trevor’s older brother) Alec. He really seems to be the glue that connects Dean and Trevor and probably has more to do with making the first “BFF Boy 2 Man” possible then anyone will ever know. I look forward to connecting with him more in the future but for fear of Koski overload J right now I will wait to do that throughout another article. But you can tell just how much respect both his father and Trevor have for him. He made a decision last year to pursue coaching soccer and is currently a Lehigh Men’s student coach. Trevor talks glowingly about him in detail below. Well-done Alec!

In fact Trevor, talks a lot below and I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to do the attached interview. Time for me to stop yapping and for you all to appreciate Trevor Koski…enjoy!

BFF) At what point/age was playing for Lehigh a personal goal?

Trevor) It has always been a personal goal of mine to play Division 1 soccer, but growing up around Lehigh enabled me to see everything that it had to offer, both academically and athletically. There was a period of time where I wanted to go somewhere further from home, maybe from when I was 14-16, but from 16 on I knew I wanted to go to Lehigh.

BFF) Did your oldest brother inspire your playing career along the way? If so how?

Trevor) He has always led the way for me and my younger brothers, and even though he was not as serious about playing soccer as he was coaching, it always helped to have him around. Whether it was during the years when I played with him (u10-u13) or the years where he came and watched me play, he has always had an influence on my confidence as well as my ego. He would make sure that I always stayed humble and not let anything get to my head. He helped me a lot with my college search too, and is part of the reason I ended up at Lehigh.

BFFa) Do you see differences in how your dad coaches you and your club team vs. how he coaches Lehigh?

BFFb) Your dad is the first to admit he is harder on you (as a coach) than anyone :) -- when did you realize that is a good thing? and how has that help you become better?

Trevor) There is no doubt that my dad is harder on me than anybody (as a coach). When I was young, I didn't like it when he would criticize me as a player, but by the time I got to high school, I realized how much his criticism made me better, and came to appreciate it. He was my club coach for the past 2 years, and after every game, no matter how good of a game I would have, he would tell me something that I need to get better at. He would make sure I didn't get into bad habits when playing weaker teams, and would be extra hard on me if I made a mistake. I also never really had an issue with being the "coaches son" because of how hard he was on me. My teammates knew that I wasn't treated any differently than they were when it came to playing time, and knew that time on the field for me, and everyone, was earned, not given.

BFF) What is the favorite goal you've ever scored?

Trevor) My favorite goal would have to be the penalty kick that I scored for Liberty during my sophomore year. It was in a shootout in the EPC quarterfinals against Pocono Mountain East, and I was the 5th shooter. Our goalie, Tony Silva, had made a great save on their second penalty kick, so when it came down to me, I knew that if I scored we would win. I saw the keeper go early to my right, so I just put it to the left side of the goal and then ran to the corner with my teammates to celebrate. It is a feeling that I will never forget. (We lost to PM east earlier in the season so it was good to get revenge)

BFF) How long have you played with LVU teammate John Blaine? When did you guys start talking about going to Lehigh together?

Trevor) Jon and I have been teammates since we were 14 years old, so 4 years playing together. I had already committed to Lehigh before I knew he was looking there too, and then he mentioned it to me after he went on a visit. He said if he can make it work financially then that is where he is going to end up. He officially committed a few weeks later. I was really excited to have a fellow club teammate, and one of my best friends, move on to the next level with me. It will for sure make the transition a lot easier.

BFF) What are you looking forward to most about staying in Bethlehem to continue your soccer career?

Trevor) I am most looking forward to being close to my family. I like that they will be able to come see Lehigh games, whether I'm playing or not, and see me. It will also be convenient to be so close to my house in case I need to make a quick trip home ;). It will also help that I already know where everything in Bethlehem is.

Caption: Trevor and Alec Koski “training” in Utah right now.