I try to find the silver lining in most things bad. Last nights US Men's National Team's epic implosion is really testing me in that capacity. But perhaps failing to make the world cup for the first time in over 3 decades will reboot a country that settles for mediocrity when it comes to the beautiful game. The team that has often overachieved by playing with massive heart sadly played with none Tuesday night and proceeded to lose to the 99th best country in the world. Welcome to rockbottom. At least we have the motivation and time now to blow it up/trim all the old slow fat and build EVERYTHING around Pulisic for the next 5 years right? ANYWAY i digress...

One thing i know from sure is any extra emotion left over from last night is going to be poured of the futbol fields of Bethlehem, PA. Just in time too, because its RIVALRY WEEK! So tired of streaming??? Check this schedule of LIVE action out:

• Wednesday October 11 MEN Muhlenberg @ Moravian 7pm

• Thursday October 12 GIRLS LHS @ FHS 5pm


• Saturday October 14 MEN Lafayette @ Lehigh 6pm

And then we have a giant cherry on top...

• The Bethlehem Steel FC plays game 32 of 32 this season sunday at 3pm Goodman Stadium. If they WIN THEY ARE IN the playoffs in only their second year!

So shake it off and get out and support your local schools and clubs! That's how this problem with the USMNT is going to get fixed...from the ground up...let's keep watering those roots!