As most of you know I have been a big fan of our hometown Division 2 Soccer team since its inception just over 2 years ago. Today the team released a program that has absolutely floored me. Bottom line they are kicking back $5 of every $12 ticket bought to local youth soccer clubs! All you have to do is use a (youth club supplied) promo code when purchasing tickets. As a father who will soon have 2 kids playing youth soccer I cannot thank the team enough for giving back to our soccer community like this. Now there is even more reason to get out and support them. Below is the press release for the program. Thank you Steel FC!

With a new year ahead, Bethlehem Steel FC has announced a new youth partnership ( initiative for clubs throughout the Lehigh Valley. The concept is simple, for each ticket a club sells ($12 value), Steel FC will kickback $5 of each sale to the club.

The program features four levels, each with amazing rewards, meaning the more a club sells, the higher the rewards. Rewards include the Walk of Champions with the starting XI, discounts on merchandise and even a two-hour soccer clinic hosted by Steel FC coaches, players and staff!

Every team that becomes a partner will receive a Steel FC banner to use at their matches along with recognition inside Goodman Stadium and on the club’s website and social media.

For more information, call Bethlehem Steel FC at 1-844-STEELFC.