Lehigh University's Mark Forrest Named 2017 BFF Male of the year!

Mark Forrest has been named the Bethlehem Futbol Factory's 2017 Male of the Year! I started following the Lehigh Men last year during Mark's sophomore season. That year he was clearly already a force up front and tallied a team leading 7 goals. This year the 6'3'' Forward continued his progression into a bonafide superstar while leading his team into the Patriot League playoffs. His combination of size, speed, skill and passion make opposing teams build entire game plans around him with minimal success. Mark scored 15 goals and tallied an equally impressive 8 assists and was the 2nd highest scorer in all of Division 1 soccer! All this as a junior! I hate to over use the term "beast" but it truly applies to Mark's game. He dominates. So much so i started reconsidering my own rail thin son's soccer future :). Not sure if D-ray can put on another 150 lbs over the next 10 years and compete with someone like this. But then i realized he was doing this to EVERYONE else's son as well and it resonated just how special he is. So congrats Mark, i realize this award isn't exactly the crown jewel of all your achievements this year, but i wanted to let you know how appreciated you are here in Bethlehem. The best part is Mark has one more year left to make another run at the Patriot League title and beyond. 2017 ended on a wet, cold miserable playoff night against Holy Cross that i am sure Coach Koski, Mark and the Mountain Hawks want to avenge. So if you haven't yet you must get out and support him and his teammates in the Fall of 2018. Its a special soccer experience to be sure...right here in our back yard. Please copy and paste this link for a great write up on all Mark Forrest has accomplished this past season. Including 3rd team ALL-AMERICAN! http://lehighsports.com/news/2017/12/7/mens-soccer-forrest-earns-all-america-honors.aspx