BASD Middle School Soccer INTRODUCES PLAYOFF DAY at FHS Turf Field!

I am happy to share the news that the BASD is now hosting a Middle School Soccer Playoff day at Freedom's turf field on Thursday May 10! The 1st and 2nd seeded teams will play first at 5 pm to determine a playoff champion. A consolation game between the 3rd and 4th seeded teams will then begin at 6.30. The #bffcup will still go on as planned and reward the regular season champion. Meanwhile we are super excited to offer full coverage of this new event as well! This is a super opportunity to showcase all the hard work put in by the middle school players and coaches. Experiencing the turf in a playoff atmosphere is something many of the kids won't forget and provides a great building block memory for local soccer careers. The Bethlehem Futbol Factory wants to thank all those who made this happen! its a nice reflection of the growth of the sport here locally and nationally. Good luck to all and have fun! Here is the schedule: 1) East Hills vs 2) Northeast 5pm & 3) Broughal vs 4) Nitschmann 6.30pm.