There are plenty of camp options available here locally for your child to enhance his game this summer. My son absolutely cannot get enough of the game and this will be the 3rd straight year he has done 3 different camps over the summer. I cannot emphasize enough how all this summer effort translates to the development of a youth player once the fall season begins. It is such a great opportunity for kids to take their game to another level by working harder than the next guy/girl. Taking advantage of any or all :) of the camps below is a great way to do it!

• Lehigh University Youth Soccer Camps *:

A Bethlehem Institution and my 12 year old son's favorite. Great bang for your buck and pure soccer fun for your kid. This will be his 4th and final year as next year he will be too old. Super experience for most if not all skill levels. I'd like to consider my son approaching advanced and he still loves the camp so we are using it as our soccer warm-up this summer after a short break in june. Its run by Lehigh coaches and players who are constantly getting the kids fun touches and i promise you will be amazed what 4.5 days straight will so to a young hard-working kid's game! Also be aware of great early bird discounts.

• Lehigh Valley United Summer Camps:

• Desales Youth Soccer Camps:

• Futbol De Carrizo Academia

• Bastidas Soccer Academy

* This camp has sponsored kids though the 2018 Bethlehem Futbol Factory's XTRA KIX 4 KIDZ Youth Program --- more info here: