Local Historian Shares His Research on Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club

Historian Daniel Paul Morrison gave a Lecture at the ArtsQuest Center at Steels Stacks on June 16 as part of the World Cup Soccerfest Celebration.


He has direct family ties to players on the championship teams of a century ago. This has inspired him to spend countless hours of studying microfilm of the Bethlehem Globe Newspaper at the Bethlehem Public Library . Through this research he has compiled the most comprehensive history of the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club. My son and I captured some of the lecture with Pastor Morrison's permission and have posted it here:


Also here is a great story about his work from Sports Illustrated here:


Lastly this is Daniel Paul Morrison's website on the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club


This is all super interesting stuff. Thanks so much to Pastor Morrison for all of his contributions to our rich local soccer history. Also big thanks to Steel FC, Steel Stacks and ArtsQuest for making this lecture happen.