Saturday October 20, 2018 was a very special day in Bethlehem Soccer. The two biggest events since i have been doing this website happened...ON THE SAME DAY!

In the afternoon the Freedom High School boys took care of Pleasant Valley in the East Penn Conference FINAL! Here is a nice little story ...

Huge congrats to them. This could be the start of a massive EPC high school boys balance of power shift BACK to Bethlehem and its happening right before your eyes. Freedom and Liberty now switch seeds going into to districts and both play at home on thursday. We didn't quite get the dream match-up of FHS and LHS in the final of the EPC but its still VERY possible in districts and the stakes are even higher! there! So stay tuned.


Then that evening... just when you think it can't get any better...our hometown hero/boys in blue Bethlehem Steel FC traveled to Pittsburgh to play the favored Riverhounds in the USL Playoffs. Looking for their first ever playoff victory the game went to OT tied at 1-1. Former Steel stand-out Hugh Roberts scored to put P-burgh up 2-1 in the OT. But the captain James Chambers slipped a set piece in with about 10 minutes left in the overtime to tie it back up at 2-2. Off to PKs we go...and believe it or not BOTH teams made the first 7 PKs each. The Steel's Oliver Mbaizo made the 8th and after the 'hounds missed their 8th attempt a cataclysmic celebration ensued between the Steel FC players and then its supporters (East End Army and I-Beam Ultras) in front of a P-burgh section of stands that had been commandeered by the Bethlehem faithful.

Please see the awesome videos of the game and celebrations highlights that i retweeted/up on . This is really special stuff. Huge congrats to the players and fans that made the trek. The Steel now play in Louisville against the reigning champs on Saturday at 7.30. There is another watch party at the Golazo house on the South Side that night that i will not be missing :).

Personally i was running my 2 kids (who had 3 soccer games) all over eastern PA for 9 hours on this day and was not able to enjoy any of it first hand...but thanks to social media i got a nice taste and please know the BFF was there in spirit! This is the kind of passion and success that fuels the Futbol Factory so please keep it coming! Let's make some more memories and support your local teams!