The Bethlehem Steel FC is moving to Chester. The punchline is that they are continuing to play as the Bethlehem Steel FC...70 miles away! Evidently our soccer history is so rich and our fan base so passionate that they are attempting to profit from it from afar. Who would have thought a Philadelphia based team would need to pull from little ol' Bethlehem's soccer history and BRAND in order to "gain" more support. Social media is a buzz with dozens...yes dozens of hardcore futbol fans who "didn't get the chance" to see a steel fc game in Bethlehem but will certainly now be busting down the gates in Chester come next spring. Positively classic... This team has been like a bad girlfriend providing so many moments of pure delightful bliss. Yet all the while continuing to hold it over our heads that she could and would leave at anytime. In the end of course she did. But i never thought she would have the audacity to continue to wear the engagement ring while sleeping with another elsewhere. Ahhhhh but we wouldn't want to waste that 2nd year of new kits now would we? Another perfectly timed groin kick. Just by listening to Earnie over the years you knew it was coming. It was probably a mild relief for him to get out of here before he had to do it himself. This needs to be fixed. There needs to be a plan not fake optimism. Checks need to be written and contracts signed before the start of next year. You MUST be coming back in 2020 or cut the chord now. You are not Bethlehem. We are. This is not a "buy 3 get one free" sale. We really are flattered that you want people to think you are a Bethlehem team. But quite frankly if there are no people from Bethlehem in the stands...don't you feel even slimier than you did after using us for 3 years? You see things like integrity and loyaIty are second nature around here. I guess i take that for granted having been born and raised Bethlehem Futbol. Something with this current plan just doesn't fit...what could it be?


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