The EPC Conference AND District 11 Boys Soccer titles are back in Bethlehem where they belong. A massive congrats to the staff and boys who made it happen. The patriot's majestic run took them two deep in states where they finally where stopped 1-0 by the eventual state champion Wilson. Yes they were that close to making it all the way. Irregardless though this season was an absolute dream ride of a success and it put Bethlehem Soccer back in the headlines where it belongs! Freedom's record was 20-2-4 with 73 GF and only 9 GA including 19 shut-outs.

If you had the pleasure of seeing them play you really got a taste of team soccer at its best. There was a confidence that oozed from the back that over the course of the game not only suffocated the opponent like a boa but overflowed all the way up into the offensive top as the game went on. Then pow that 1st timely goal went up on the board and a switch got flipped. The team would seamlessly and simultaneously lock down the win for the duration of of the game irregardless of circumstances. They never lost a game they lead all year. No stage was too big for this group. These boys really embraced every moment, ate it up and asked for more. But the team's high level of consistency is really what was so impressive. There were no duds, even the one league loss they had required an all-world performance by the opposing keeper. The Patriots showed up to play each and every game.

Here are some nice team details if you haven't seen this article:

So if you are reading this take a step back and breathe it all in. These kids did not become great soccer players at high school. Realize the years of work they all put in before getting here. Younger players and parents take note of the story each one of these boys has. Ask one of them. The paths are all different but the great news is MANY of these stories involve high level development right here in Bethlehem! GBSL BTAA BSC LVU ODP and more are all at your disposal. Use them. Use the template the FHS boys have created. Not only look up to these boys but LEARN from them! The next level is here and there is no reason it ever has to leave. Moving forward let's make this sort of run by a Bethlehem team (Boys and Girls) the norm and not the exception. In the meantime let's give thanks to this special group and the coach that took a bunch of great players and made them a great team. CONGRATULATIONS to the FREEDOM HIGH SCHOOL BOYS and Coach Reightler!