Update on BFF Coverage of Bethlehem College Soccer

I have come to accept that in the fall covering 11 (6 high school, 4 college, and 1 professional) teams is tough to do by myself. It is clear that both Lehigh and Moravian have excellent coverage in-house and i am going to lean on that more heavily moving forward. This should ease up on the guilt i feel for not getting to as many of their games as i feel i should. That being said my coverage of these schools will not end. I will instead be refocusing my coverage of these schools on Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley Kids. Specifically BFF Boys to Men see link here: https://www.bethlehemfutbolfactory.com/bff-boys-2-men . Then eventually adding BFF Girls to Gals when we start getting them as well. We got one biggie for the Lehigh boys here recently. Congrats to Spencer! If there are more announcements from Bethlehem kids going to Lehigh or Moravian please let me know. Its so special when the Bethlehem soccer pipeline connects all the way from youth to college and BFF wants to be there every step of the way! Great luck in 2019!