Haley Gschrey is the 2018 BFF Female of the Year!

Haley Gschrey is the 2018 BFF Female of the Year!

Evidently the headband works :)

Big congrats to Freedom High School's Haley Gschrey! Her second straight dominate season could not be ignored. 29 goals and 8 assists in 2018. That is two straight seasons with 29 goals! Tons of biggies from what i saw as well. Haley simply makes everyone around her better as teams are forced to game plan around defending her. She made First Team ALL-EPC and she is only a sophomore. She has also lead Freedom to 3 of 4 wins over Liberty the last 2 years.

Her head coach Bob Eaton had this to say : "Haley continued to demonstrate an outstanding ability to finish during her sophomore season as well as becoming a much improved two-way player. Has tremendous field vision and speed and uses them both on the attack and in transition." Coach Eaton was also quick to point out she scored at least one in 15 of her 19 games so she was not just loading up tallies against weaker opponents.

My favorite memory of her play in 2018 was against Becahi. Haley had already scored at least one that i recall early in the game and shortly thereafter decided to slice a chip from 25 yards out over 4 defenders. It was up there...super high. Almost everyone in the field thought it was floating over the crossbar. The backspin majestically brought the ball down just between the keeper's fingertips and the cross bar and it dropped in for a goal. The keeper was only a couple yards off the line too! It was the biggest smile i had ever seen from her because i think she knew it was in the whole time. (see the pic attached to this story.)

Freedom is still a young team and has huge upside in the years to come. It will be a joy to watch as Haley and her teammates continue to develop and hopefully compete with some of the area's elite! From what i have seen they are almost there already. Good luck in 2019!