EAST HILLS wins BFF Cup for 2nd Straight Year!

East Hills went unbeaten in 8 games vs Bethlehem Teams to win its Second Straight BFF Cup. Interestingly enough not a single pair of teams split games this year creating a very distinct hierarchy between the 5 teams. It is as follows: Beca Little Hawks were 2nd, Northeast in 3rd, Nitschmann in 4th, and Broughal in 5th. It was especially cool for me this year with my son playing for Northeast as a 7th grader as well as seeing SO MANY of kids playing that i have coached as #bffdray's teammates over the years.

Nitschmann came close early in the year only losing by one to East Hills on 3-28-19. Aside from that East HIlls average victory was over 5 goals per game. Coach Bob Eaton's squad jumped on teams early and often often braking a team's spirit by halftime. It will fun to watch if any of this years team makes an immediate impact at Freedom High School like last years East Hills Champs did!

The Chargers will go for the Bethlehem Sweep Monday Night. They are taking on Northeast MS at BASD stadium for the City Championship. Weather permitting of course. Whenever the game goes off BFF will be there. Great luck!