Last week we learned that there are active talks between the Philadelphia Union and Easton, PA officials. Cottingham Stadium has been a possible landing spot for the Steel FC all along. But this was the first time it was reported that the wheels were actually turning. Read all about it here:

To summarize: Easton is already planning a 13.3 million upgrade to Easton HS football stadium. The school board will be voting to start acquiring additional bids to add more lighting to that upgrade budget in hopes to attract the USL's Bethlehem Steel back to the Lehigh Valley. While this is far from a done deal its an exciting turn of events considering yours truly had really given up hope i'd ever be within 15 minutes of a USL game again. We will of course keep you informed of any additional news but this is a step in the right direction. No its not Bethlehem and yes i agree the name will have to change ... but as a fan of the game i personally will take this team playing in Easton over nothing any day of the week and twice on sundays!

Then while i was up in Canada fishing with my dad and son...some more big news! The Bethlehem Steel FC are playing their first home game of the year! Yes Lehigh's Goodman stadium is ramping up again. The lightless 3 year home of our boys in blue has evidently been granted our first home game of the year. Will it be a fond farewell or a new beginning? Right now i don't care. Its a beautiful day and i cannot wait to head on over to see James Chambers and John McCarthy (now on Tampa) on the Goodman pitch again. Here is the press release:

It will be bittersweet though as the game will serve as a reminder of all the great folk who worked for the Steel FC in Bethlehem the previous 3 years that are no longer employed by the Union --- they were always a big part of the experience --- and are remembered fondly by those of us who frequented games.

Let's give this team a year's worth of support in one day!