I was mentally prepared for my son losing middle school but only days later the summer league news came a little quicker than expected. It makes sense though since its on Lehigh’s campus. Lots of summer camps (if not all) will most likely be lost as well. My personal hope at this point is that the 2020 Fall season stays intact. Its so sobering realizing all of the stuff we all used to take for granted is truly out of our control. I don’t want to complain because it could be much worse. My thoughts and prayers go out to families that have paid the ultimate price during this surreal time.

I want to also give my best to all the high school and college seniors who lost springs seasons as well as a much deserved final semester at school. I have faith those in charge will do their best to re-create something special to honor all those years of hard work. But nothing will make up for it. It just plain sucks.

Be safe and let’s hope we get back to a new normal soon. Keep getting those touches on your own. Stay in shape. Enjoy your family. Make the most of your time. Hopefully none of us will have this much time ever again. One thing is for sure... coaches and players alike will be appreciating our beautiful game so much more than before this all began. We can all look forward to that whenever that time comes!