One more time! Haley Gschrey is the 2020 BFF Female of the Year!

Haley Gschrey successfully capped off a stellar High School career during the Covid shortened 2020 season. She reached 100 goals and once again led Freedom High School to districts. In the process she has earned her 3rd straight Bethlehem Futbol Factory Female of the Year Award! A nice recap of her 2020 season can be found here:

Haley has worked so very hard at her craft and is heading to LaSalle University this fall after graduation. She was kind enough to take the time and do a little interview for us and share some insight into her soccer journey. We wish her the best and plan on continuing our coverage of her as much as possible! Congrats Haley … keep doing Bethlehem proud!


What has been your favorite goal in your career so far? My second goal against Council Rock in the State Playoffs last year was my favorite. It was a 40+ yard run past 3 defenders and a touch around the keeper for an open net score. What has been your most important goal? My 2 goals verse Nazareth to clinch the District Final in 2019. When did you start thinking 100 High School Goals was possible? I started thinking about 100 when I was a freshman and saw Brooke Schutter from Parkland do it. I really thought it was possible after my sophomore year when I had 58 goals. How worried were you that COVID might take that possibility away? I was worried when the school would not say whether we would play a season or not and I was 6 goals away.

How and when were you introduced to the sport? I first watched my brother Michael, who is 2 years older, play at OLPH and we would kick the ball at home. When I was 5 we had to come home early from a vacation to attend an OLPH try-out for a co-ed team where I was one of the few girls trying out. Right away I found I could score goals and have loved the game ever since. A youth soccer career is truly a journey…can you talk about the most influential people during your soccer career? Brian Flynn (asst. Coach at Freedom) was one of my first travel coaches with FC Freedom. I was 2 years younger and smaller and he worked with me how to play against bigger opponents. When the FC Freedom girls team broke up, my brother’s coach Cathy Shay let me practice with his boys team until I found a new team of my own which was also a big help. I went on to play ODP with lots of good coaches, but my club team, FC Revolution Rowdies and Coach Eric Franks really taught me tactical skills and worked on my agility. He allowed me to play my first College Showcase with his U15 squad when I was not quite 13. I’ve been with the Rowdies now for over 6 years and they are my soccer family and always will be some of my best friends. Was there a specific female player you looked up to? Morgan Brian and the rest of the USWNT for all they’ve done. Huge congrats on going to LaSalle…when did that school appear on your radar? And why did it eventually become your choice? La Salle First showed up after some of the many Showcases the Rowdies went to. Coach Royal reached out to Coach Franks and I went to an ID camp at La Salle and liked it. Coach Niemiec, his assistant was at our State Cup victory 2 years ago. I visited many schools most of which expressed interest in me to Coach Franks, but the small campus atmosphere and Coach Royal, his staff, and the team all just felt right to me. Playing D1 Women’s soccer is a huge deal … any advice for local young girls who look up to you as a role model? Play as much as you can, but don’t be afraid to try other sports as well. I played baseball, then softball as well as basketball, but soccer was my favorite. I also played soccer on multiple teams at the same time and did ODP where I was able to play in Ireland and Amsterdam with the East Region teams. Keep working hard and challenge yourself. Keep finding better clubs and coaches to train with and better players to play with and against. I loved playing for the FC Revolution out of Reading. My parents did lots of driving and travel, but it was all worth it now.